Our Mission

We feel that is very important to present the heritage of Transylvanian Christian religions, as well as their historical churches  to other European nations and worldwide too. Transylvania has a Christian heritage for centuries, with monumental churches built by our communities in the last 1100 years. 
These churches are a stronghold of our history, were always protected by the communities even battles were fought for some of them that is why they were built with fortress and bastions.  Many of them survived the Ottoman- Turkish invasions, Tatars, pagan fires and world wars as well as the communist era.
Our ancestors always protected and rebuilt our Christian churches, because they considered it very important to preserve them for posterity. We can`t give up now and let these churches be sold for any financial reasons or globalization because more than 1000 years of history and faith would be lost. There are churches were our general assembly or where our great supreme commander, Hunyadi Janos called nation leaders to prepare for a glorious war against Ottomans.
We want to show worldwide our historical Christian churches in wonderful natural places with the help of internet. Those who visit our web.site can do virtual 3D walking with music in these churches and feel the touch of our very difficult but responsible Christian history. Our ancestors devoted their lives many times to protect Europe from the Ottoman invasions, even the Pope ordered the 12 o`clock bells for the respect of our Hunyadi`s victory over Suleiman Turkish army.
We shall also show worldwide that Transylvania was the first country in Europe in 1568, where they proclaimed the equality of all Christian religions with the order of king of Transylvania who became a protestant himself. Should emphasized that this happened in the 16-th century in the Catholic church of Torda in times when west European countries were fighting religious wars!

“We do not leave our Churches, Our churches and our schools!”

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